father’s day celebration | cooking together

The day’s almuerzo was a meal of our choice when we were growing up and, perhaps, that is why special occasions have always brought up images of yummy home-cooked favorites. My mom would whip together arroz con pollo when we were younger and, as our taste buds matured, she would spend her day cooking the more labor intensive stews that I still crave and try to replicate. Awesome memories of family and food. Lots of ’em.

We’ve taken on this tradition at our house and have been consistent enough with the notion of food as gift that our daughter now includes menu notes in her preparations for special occasions. The key to pulling off meals on busy days that are filled with all sorts of special expectations is keeping things simple. We only use previously tested recipes and mama usually does a special grocery trip the night before to make sure we have enough of everything.

Her much-practiced broccoli and cheese quiche was on the list for today. The recipe is originally from Mollie Katzen’s Pretend Soup. She’s had the book (and the others from the series) for a while now and, I have to say, that they have given her much more confidence in the kitchen. So much confidence that she winged her quiche today, stopping only to double-check measurements for milk and eggs. She even mixed it up! You can check out the great layout of the books here. The recipes are simplified versions of ones from her adult books and quite tasty for the most part. Vegetarian, of course. We love them and rave about them all the time.

The quinoa and zucchini additions (my contribution) were easy last-minute additions that came from the pantry and well-stocked fridge.

The day that came before dinner was oodles of fun – a little soccer, a lot of hugs, the museum and food as love. Hope you had a great Father’s Day, too.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.


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