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almost summer (+ watermelon)

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Summer break has begun! The season of “how do we make an entire watermelon fit in the fridge” is here! The struggle is real and I have more than once had to tell the 13yo that we can’t get a watermelon until we clear room in the fridge. I try to get it quartered as soon as it gets home to make it feel more manageable: half gets cubes up for easy snacking/packing. one quarter gets pureed for […]

lunch list – week 3

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Still going y’all. Gonna keep this brief. Monday egg noodles | steamed broccoli | watermelon | snack mix Tuesday mini-quiches | apple slices | roasted beets | muffin Wednesday tacos | watermelon | carrots | snack mix or bar Thursday cheese & sprout sandwich | grapes | steamed broccoli | muffin Friday mama’s in charge of surprise lunch Note: I know that there is repeating going on here, but remember the 11yo is in charge […]

lunch list – week 2

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The eleven-year-old rocked out her first week of school and even beat me to the kitchen in the mornings. Her packed lunches were a success and she was totally game for getting her plan for the coming week together. We normally do a lot more leftovers for her lunches when I am in charge of packing, but I didn’t quite have the meal plan together in time for our Sunday afternoon, lunch planning date.   […]

in the fridge

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We are trying out a new list on the refrigerator door this week. My hope is that it will make it easier to decipher what food options are available inside the doors in the morning when we are all pointing in different directions. I am assuming that there will be some changes as we work our way through the list this week, but here’s a PDF of it just in case you want to give […]

getting her back in the kitchen

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getting her back in the kitchen 1 |

We are embracing the extra week of summer that we finally find ourselves with. She’s been wanting to tackle more challenging dishes in the kitchen than her “kid” cookbooks offer and we’ve been on the hunt all summer. Nothing has really surfaced that takes into consideration the limitations of 10yo body in a full-sized kitchen without resorting to the notorious “bagel pizzas.” Sigh. We are going to plot our own course in this new venture. […]

use your preserves: strawberry lemonade

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strawberry lemonade from preserves |

We don’t eat oodles of sweets around here, but a cold glass of lemonade is pretty close to perfection on hot afternoons. A good portion of our homemade sweet preserves (blueberry, peach, strawberry) get used for summer beverages – blueberry limeade, peach tea, and her favorite – strawberry lemonade. Strawberry Lemonade makes 1 quart ½ cup lemon juice ¼ cup strawberry preserves ¼ cup sugar 3 cups water Combine lemon juice, strawberry preserves and sugar […]

picking battles

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The 9yo is a good eater that understands (intellectually at least) that she must eat lots of different veggies in order to be healthy. That said, she’s still nine and getting her to eat those veggies can be infuriating when she’s going through her picky phases. Ours are more taco-n-nacho than pasta-n-cheese, but they are no less frustrating come dinner time. I try to dial it back for lunch duty…

birthday number 9

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This will go down as the birthday that she baked her own cakes – vegan chocolate cakes to be exact. They were moist and dense without being bricks or too sweet. Hoping that this is the beginning of a new birthday tradition and looking forward to baking many, many more cakes with her. Happy Birthday, not-so-little one. I hope that you ease through year nine as gracefully as you did year eight. * Cake recipe […]