bring on the watermelon

I stumbled across this snapshot of last summer’s watermelon and it struck me how utterly worn out and ready I am for this break.  This school year has been wonderful for the 6-year-old, but it has us ALL worn out and beat down.

She’s already got a short list of things that she wants to make in the kitchen – popsicles, banana bread and a mango lassi.

There’s also some talk of a lemonade stand on Fridays that I’m gonna to have to pitch in for at some point. In all honesty, it’s not some talk… its more of a full on entrepreneurial scheme that she has planned to raise cash for Magic Pancakes (her pancake shop).

At any rate, I’m thinking its gonna be a fun summer with her in the roomier kitchen with lots of watermelon and mango and peaches. 🙂

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

P.S. Not having to pack kid lunches for a few months is a nice perk as well. 😉

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