quickie dinner | greek salad with orzo and black-eyed peas

This little salad has quickly become a household favorite. I found it a couple of year’s ago in an issue of Gourmet, but only recently rediscovered it via epicurious. It’s nice to keep in the quickie arsenal because you can so easily adapt it to fit whatever fresh veggies and grains you may have around.

It was perfect for tackling today’s summer-licious veggies. I got to use my cukes, tomatoes and red onions fresh out of the box. We had some whole-wheat orzo in the pantry and I now try to keep some type of olive in the fridge at all times.

You can find the original recipe for Greek Pasta with Orzo and Black-Eyed Peas here. It packs up pretty well for lunches and we’ll be taking our leftover portions to our first “summer” family picnic at Barton Springs.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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