lunch list – week 2

The eleven-year-old rocked out her first week of school and even beat me to the kitchen in the mornings. Her packed lunches were a success and she was totally game for getting her plan for the coming week together. We normally do a lot more leftovers for her lunches when I am in charge of packing, but I didn’t quite have the meal plan together in time for our Sunday afternoon, lunch planning date.

lunch list - week 2 |


Keeping a list posted on the fridge is really helping her out in the mornings. Here’s what she has planned for the week:

egg noodles – raw carrots – strawberries – banana bread

quesadillas – brussel sprouts – honeydew – snack mix

bean & cheese taco – grilled corn – grapes – banana bread

almond butter, banana & honey sandwich – carrots – pears – snack mix

egg burger – home fries – melon – coco-pecan granola bars


Notes: These are very much assemble-and-go kind of meals. Hoping that she will warm up to making things in the morning and/or more creativity as she gets more confident. Also, I am still very much her mama and so I have reserved the right to pack her lunch at least once a week. Fridays are seeming like the most natural option. 😉

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