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all the summer feels

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One last hurdle to jump before we officially kick off our summer – her last day of elementary school! Helping her navigate through this transition has been using every ounce of my mama being. It accounts for 95% of the quiet around here. Excitement, tears, nervousness, and anticipation have been filling every spare moment. She has all the mixed feels about this huge change. I suspect we are only at the beginning of the mixed feels, […]

packing some love

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vegetarian meal plans

Things have been a little quiet on the blog because we have been very busy getting the 11yo ready for her first trip sans parentals. There has been lots of practice and more lists than you could probably imagine, but all that work has paid off. She is stoked! Her adults are at varying levels of nervousness about the entire ordeal, but we are inching along to an okay place about it all. I am, of course, coping […]

lunch list – week 3

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cooking with kids / vegetarian meal plans

Still going y’all. Gonna keep this brief. Monday egg noodles | steamed broccoli | watermelon | snack mix Tuesday mini-quiches | apple slices | roasted beets | muffin Wednesday tacos | watermelon | carrots | snack mix or bar Thursday cheese & sprout sandwich | grapes | steamed broccoli | muffin Friday mama’s in charge of surprise lunch Note: I know that there is repeating going on here, but remember the 11yo is in charge […]

lunch list – week 2

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cooking with kids / vegetarian meal plans

The eleven-year-old rocked out her first week of school and even beat me to the kitchen in the mornings. Her packed lunches were a success and she was totally game for getting her plan for the coming week together. We normally do a lot more leftovers for her lunches when I am in charge of packing, but I didn’t quite have the meal plan together in time for our Sunday afternoon, lunch planning date.   […]

eleven tomorrow

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Geez. How did we get here? An eleven-year-old that fits in my shoes and no longer likes wearing bright colors is not something that you plan for… it kinda just sneaks up on you. I probably feel this way every year, but this age is the best. She is eager to “get bigger” but not quite ready to let go of the toys in her room or the stuffed animals on her bed. Her confidence […]