eleven tomorrow


Geez. How did we get here?

An eleven-year-old that fits in my shoes and no longer likes wearing bright colors is not something that you plan for… it kinda just sneaks up on you. I probably feel this way every year, but this age is the best. She is eager to “get bigger” but not quite ready to let go of the toys in her room or the stuffed animals on her bed. Her confidence is remarkable and her heart is far more kind than mine was at her age. Mind you that there are some tough moments to navigate when you have an articulate and motivated daughter, but this kid is gonna be alright in the long run. She is awesome at being true to herself.

We have a small get-together planned for her this coming weekend, but tomorrow is for us. A nice quiet day together at the house with home-cooked eats, lots of playing and *maybe* a little lazy lounging. Eating what you want for your birthday is a tradition in these parts so I am complying with the following wish list:

Breakfast – Waffles
Lunch – Homemade Mac & Cheese
Dinner – Homemade Mac & Cheese

… she is still very much a kid. I’ll throw in some fruit and smoothies (and salad for the adults) to cut through all that bread and cheese. A small, breakfast-worthy cake is also in the works.

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