getting her back in the kitchen 1 |

getting her back in the kitchen

We are embracing the extra week of summer that we finally find ourselves with. She’s been wanting to tackle more challenging dishes in the kitchen than her “kid” cookbooks offer and we’ve been on the hunt all summer. Nothing has really surfaced that takes into consideration the limitations of 10yo body in a full-sized kitchen without resorting to the notorious “bagel pizzas.” Sigh.

We are going to plot our own course in this new venture. I didn’t learn to cook with cookbooks. It was all taste and feel and sight, but the 10yo is a reader and process gal. She’ll have my cookbook stash, the Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen and a nearby mama as her tool kit as she takes on some of our own kitchen classics. First up is one of her favorites – winter squash soup.

getting her back in the kitchen 2 |

The challenge will of course be in balancing interest and need. As much I would love to have her only cook when she is into it, she’s getting to the point where she kinda needs to know how to put on a pot of beans and rice. More to come hopefully… wish us luck!


P.S. Doing my best to not get emotional over how much those hands of her have changed and grown.

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