packing her own lunch |

packing her own lunch + lunch list for week one of school

We don’t start school until after Labor Day, but are already working on whipping our mid-day eating habits into shape. We usually spend a solid week ahead of school “practicing” lunch. It may sound crazy to practice eating, but I have found it really helpful in figuring out appropriate portion sizes and what she really has time to eat. This year, we’ll also be working out potential morning routine snags as she navigates packing her own lunch. Yay! The idea was hers, but I am thrilled at the idea and am throwing her my full support so we can make this a permanent shift in morning duties.

We pack quite a bit of leftovers for lunches so the challenge for me will be in keeping things ready and stocked. Lunch lists will help us both stay on track. Week one has been plotted out by day, but I suspect that these will get more loose with time as she figures it all out.

Monday – Labor Day!
Tuesday – Tortellini in Pesto | Roasted Beets | Banana Bread | Fruit
Wednesday – Spinach & Feta Quiche | Raw Carrots | Rice Cake with Almond Butter | Fruit
Thursday – PB, Banana & Honey Sandwich | Roasted Beets | Boiled Egg | Fruit
Friday – Veggie Burger | Tater Tots & Ketchup | Smoothie

She eats pretty well for the most part so I totally let things like “Tater Tots & Ketchup” go when it comes to mid-day meals… especially if she is requesting beets. 😉 Best of luck to all the mamas and papas out there as they transition from summer to school!

P.S. Latest incarnation of our lunch-packing drawer pictured above.


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