memories & lemonade stand results

Making lemonade reminds me of summers in Mexico with my grandfather. He would send us out into the garden behind the kitchen to fetch as many key limes as we could find. We’d tumble into the kitchen with them scooped in our skirts and drop them onto the table. We’d then sit for what seemed like hours, watching him carefully cut the limes, then squeeze them and finally add the sugar and water. At the end of this excruciating long process (we were all of 6 years old) there would be a quart-sized jar of limeade for us to all share. We’d all get our tiny juice glasses filled to the rim and gulp down his hard work in 10 seconds flat.

I like to think that the tiny batch of lemonade that we made for the first time a few weeks ago is creating a similar memory for my daughter. We served it over a generous portion of crushed ice in tiny juice glasses. 😉

And then we made a 2 1/2 gallon batch of the magical stuff for her lemonade stand. She sold every last ounce of that batch and surpassed her goal of raising $80 in cash donations for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Grand total = $107.01 + canned good donations

According to the food bank, cash donations work 5-times over for them so she was quick to bust out the calculator and pat herself on the back with a whopping $535.05 worth of food raised!

She was beaming with pride, filled with good and ready to do it all again. So, we’ll be back next year with round 2.

Special thanks to Wheatsville for providing us with a perfect, shady spot and to Lisa Goddard & Amanda Guzman at the Capital Area Food Bank for being so supportive.


  1. Kathryn

    I’m so sorry I didn’t make it out to buy some lemonade. Still, I’m so proud of your little one for raising so much money and food for a great cause. 🙂

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