her kitchen, too

Our daughter has been quite the cook the past few weeks. She’s been baking, taking on dinner, lunch and has in the past couple of weeks hit what I think is a gigantic milestone – cooking at the stove. I want to say that she’s cooked more dinners than I have in the past few days!

She made Vegetarian Stir-Fried Rice from Honest Pretzels* a couple of days ago and it was quite yummy. A simple little stir-fry, that pleased and filled our tummies. She wasn’t very happy with the results – the rice tasted too much like the carrots and broccoli. Go figure.

She’ll be turning seven next month, so the upcoming weeks will be filled with lots of birthday party testing and menu tweaking for her. For me? I’ll be refreshing her cookbook collection with things for older kids and giving the kitchen a mini re-org to make sure that she can reach cooking tools safely from her new perch at the stove.

*Honest Pretzels is from the same series of kids’ cookbooks that I’ve mentioned before. There are significantly less pictures and WAY more steps to most recipes than the previous Salad People and Pretend Soup. It’s suppose to be for 8 and up, but I find that my daughter can tackle most of the cookbook as long as I am available for questions during prep work and at her side at the stove.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well

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