weekend recap and bread (!!)

It has been ages since I made a loaf of yeasted bread from scratch. The stars aligned just so yesterday (Sunday), so I meandered my way through a new (for me) process that involved an extra resting point for the batter before kneading. I am incredibly pleased with the texture and structure, so I think […]


fall promise

Greens. The loss of watermelon. The reappearance of tomatoes. Every little thing inches us closer to the cool that fall promises. Tonight’s cup of tea in place of iced water is certainly another little bit.


CSA stash – 10/10/15

   The fall season marks the beginning of an 8-9 month watermelon mourning season. Perhaps more importantly though, it means the start of greens-washing season. Wash, spin, wash again, spin, and then lay out on a rag for its final drying stage before it gets portioned and sent to the fridge.  Today’s CSA stash means […]