feeding sick souls | aneelee.wordpress.com

feeding sick bodies

feeding sick souls | aneelee.wordpress.com

It is official. Everyone in the house is in varying stages of sick. He went down over the weekend with flu-like symptoms and, if his appetite is any indication, seems to be on the mend. She was running a fever yesterday and can’t seem to taste anything. And I… well no flu-like symptoms, but my body and respiratory system are acutely aware of the re-emergence of cedar in the Austin air. Oosh.

Meal plan is a bit delayed and focused mostly on nursing everyone’s body back to 100% so that we can have some fun during the next couple of weeks of no school and no work. Loads of Vitamin C in our veggie meals and juices to help us bust through this ick. Foods that are high in Vitamin C? Citrus, brussel sprouts, leafy greens, cauliflower, and broccoli are all great sources that happen to be in season. Coincidence or mother nature’s know-how? Will also be picking up some red peppers at the grocery store to help us get through the week.

Fideos in Red Broth with Chile & Lime
Pantry Soup
Sunflower Crusted Field-Roast | Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes
Cauliflower Steaks with Charred Red Pepper Sauce & Lentils
Brussel Sprout Nachos (for when we are feeling a little better)

Snacks and Beverages
Grapefruits & Oranges
Beet Juice
Orange-Carrot Juice
Lick’s Orange-Chocolate Ice Cream (for when we REALLY feel better)
Watermelon Radishes with Salt, Pepper & Lime

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