meal plan – october 29, 2012

I am spending most of my energy thinking about the special that we have coming up – my husband’s birthday (which I did such a poor job of celebrating last year that I had to call for a do-over) and one of our favorite fall traditions – Halloween!

I have no idea what I will be making for dinner and will most likely rely on repeats from the past couple of weeks. I DO know that there is quite a bit of baking planned for the week. I stocked up on all-purpose, whole wheat, self-rising, AND bread flour in preparation for pie crusts, pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, birthday cake (maybe), muffins for lunch boxes and cookies for her last soccer game of the season.

Worst-case scenario? We can have pie for dinner. 😉

Just in case you want a little bit more than that:

last week’s meal plan
this time last year


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