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april goals

I have been on a brag-worthy eat-at-home streak for the past few months, but my meal planning habits have been nothing to aspire to. This is creating a chain reaction: cook my latest whim -> head to the grocery store ’cause I don’t have everything I need -> repeat -> throw grocery budget out window. […]


eating at home

I decide to keep tracking all of our at-home meals after we wrapped the 30athome challenge in January. Every “X” added is deeply satisfying and every meal eaten out has felt like a well-deserved break. I have no real goals beyond the tracking for the year, but am stoked to see where we end up […]


sourdough update: week 3

With 20 days of daily sourdough feedings under my belt, I am easing into this last stretch of February with clear intentions – a whole grain, refrigerated starter that only has to be fed once a week. My AP flour starter is there (far right)! It is active and doubling even at fridge temps without […]



My second attempt at a sourdough starter is going MUCH better than the first batch. Its surface has itty bitty bubbles and there are huge bubbles underneath that come loose when you stir! My next step is finding a bread recipe to try (no knead? sandwich? rolls?) but in the meantime I thought I’d jot […]


#fijchallenge – february

We are entering month two of the challenge and the name of the game is fermenting. I love me some fermented cukes and jalape├▒os, but honestly haven’t ventured to far outside of putting up summer produce. So… for my challenge this month I am taking on sourdough starters and yogurt sans┬áinstapot and if I can […]