being veggie

dinner: chana masala

I took an Indian Food cooking class with Chaya Rao a couple of years back and have had so much more confidence in this realm since then. Chana Masala has become a staple around here. I’m not sure how authentic my version is, but I think it’s getting closer and closer every time I make it. Finally adding the amchoor […]


dinner: grilled veggies & tofu

DSCN3594, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr. We flipped our comal to it’s griddle side this evening and did a quick stovetop grilling of veggies. Broccoli and carrots went on plain. The tofu got a quick press and dip in a soy-ginger-sesame marinade. Noodles were boiled and voila… a quickie grilled dinner without a bit […]


nearly hurled

We marked our first meatless year with a family, green-faced gag as we walked past the seafood section (and all it’s fishy uckness) at the downtown whole foods. Even the girl was pinching her nose and walking at a rapid-fire pace. And with that we know that we’ve done it! The entire family has been […]