nearly hurled

We marked our first meatless year with a family, green-faced gag as we walked past the seafood section (and all it’s fishy uckness) at the downtown whole foods. Even the girl was pinching her nose and walking at a rapid-fire pace. And with that we know that we’ve done it! The entire family has been meat-free for a full year and the near-hurl means we aren’t going back.

A nod is in order as well. D has made a complete 360 in his eating habits. It took him years to make the transition complete and (excuse the gush) I am so proud. He’s healthier, more food savvy and happier all around. Food does make a difference!

This year we’ll be taking a closer look at the little processed food that does make it into the house  and doing our best to reel in the food budget. It has spiraled a bit out of control in the last half of this year and I am determined to get our eating habits to an “affordable” place.

Looking forward to lots of new recipes, cooking with friends, eating with the fam and watching our daughter’s cooking skills flourish in the coming year.

Happy New Year. Happy Eating.


  1. Jodibeth

    Wow the memories of our love of grilled Sara lee ham and cheese brings a tear to my eye- never again will we share that- ;( – if I had known the last time was REALLY the last time- I would have taken a photo!!

  2. Addie

    A year without meat! Congratulations! I have doubts that I could ever get my family, especially my husband, to go along with this, but it sounds like you’ve overcome some obstacles, too.

    I’d love to read more about your reasons for ditching meat and how it’s changed how you shop, cook and feel.

    1. aneelee

      will definitely be writing more about our transition and where we are now in the posts ahead. for the record, the process of weaning my husband off meat took years and this past year was the last phase. our entire lifestyle has changed as a result of cutting out the meat and honestly, it because less and less about how to go veg and more about why on earth we would keep it in our diets…

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