eight | aneelee.comThat is the number of times that we ate out last week. A lot of those were quick solo lunches (a taco, a sandwich) and the one “family” meal that we had out was to mark a special occasion, but still… eight is a whole lot more outside meals than our stomachs are accustomed to. This week HAS to be better. Picking up on whatever went uncooked last week and am going with super-duper simple for the rest.

How often can you eat out before your body/pocketbook/sanity needs a home-cooked meal? Not eating at home tends to make everything feel just a wee bit off for me. It means no downtime in the kitchen prepping, no quiet time after meals with the newspaper, and far more time running around than I care for. I think I was feeling pretty unsettled by the time last Friday rolled around and if I would have paid closer attention to me (instead of the busy and the tired) I would have caught it as soon as Wednesday.

Have a great week and I wish you lots of home-cooked meals or at the very least one more home-cooked meal than you were counting on.


  1. Linda

    I find that when I travel, I eat out ALL of when I travel and ALL work week following. Especially if I travel all of Sunday. I do all my grocery shopping on weekends. It’s terrible! I try to at the very least (unless traveling) to pack a lunch to work every day.

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