go-to recipes

I’m sure you guys have them – those gems that you go back to so often that you don’t really need to look at them. Well I have accumulated a kazillion of those over the years. The recipes that I have on repeat tend to have only a handful of ingredients and are simply seasoned, making them flexible enough to swap and change out as the seasons change. There are two in particular that seem to be making it into the weekly meal plans on the regular at the moment:

Latin-American French Lentil Salad

The tiny dice of the veggies makes it easy to swap out sweet potatoes or other tubers and in the summer I load it up with cucumbers and tomatoes. Currently it is my favorite vehicle for watermelon radish.

Kale Quinoa Bites

These little nuggets are total chameleons! You can put finely sliced brussel sprouts into them or cauliflower in the fall. Leeks are perfect in the spring and in the summer you can shred zucchini into them.

Do you have recipes that you like to use over and over again? Or maybe you have a favorite cookbook?


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