on weekend cooking

Weekday cooking and weekend cooking are completely different beasts. Monday-Friday it is about sustenance and fuel. MUST GET FOOD IN BELLY. There is simply more of work and life that makes the relatively simple of act of getting food into your belly *seem* harder so we reheat, assemble, and indulge in the world of quick.

Weekend cooking though? That is when I get to recharge. I can slow down and listen to some lectures ir a podcast. I can bust out the cookbooks and take up as much space as I need. I can contemplate the kind of week I want next week to be. I can prep and plan in hopes of making the eating part of the next Monday-Friday feel less rushed.

It has been weeks since I have had the mental and physical energy to indulge in a full day in the kitchen and I am going to relish every second of it.

#NP Great Presidents from The Great Courses
Making Harira from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far
Looking forward to cooking for my mama at the end of the month.

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