sourdough crust pizzas

2 days into my sourdough starter adventure I realized that I was going to have a problem – discarded starter. For those of you that may be learning (like me), the process involves fermenting a flour/water mixture. That mixture gets reduced daily before getting fed new fresh flour and water. And let me tell you… that discarded starter begins adding up to a significant amount by day 3 and 4. I was feeling super guilty about throwing all of it out and was pleased to find an interwebs worth of folks (with way more baking experience than I) that share my dismay and I now have lots of recipes to help give my waffles, pancakes and (yes!!) pizza dough a start.

They are currently on their last rise and I have to say this may be the easiest pizza dough that I have ever worked with. I did need to have a day that had the mental space to tend to it, but have hardly felt chained to the kitchen. Managed to run errands and work and all that jazz during its first rise.

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