2021 turned into 2022 with projects in progress, books half-read, and a new planner at the ready so I had a fresh page for January 1. This marks the year of my 47th birthday and I am *this* close to being a half a century old! My 5 year-old self would be jumping up and down at finally reaching it and to be honest, my 46 year-old self is pretty damned excited, too.

I am not big on resolutions and have never been much for long-term goal setting, so today is really just about continuing to pluck ahead. To keep showing up every day and make the best of what I have to work with. Today, that means a brain dump in my planner so I don’t forget anything, tending to my ongoing inbox zero workflow, a well-earned nap, leftovers to lighten my workload, and maybe a family game night.

Reading Crying in H-Mart.
Recovering from my second sock syndrome by finishing my December Sock Squad pair.
Still all filled up with teary emotion from watching CODA.
Loving on Rocco who had a rough day leading up to fireworks and then recovering from the nonsense.

Count the Lights Hobonichi A6 Cover by Hiroko Kubota

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