my summer reads

My relationship to books and reading has been so so different this year. My brain has needed the repetition and simplicity of knitting to reset and replenish during my downtime and there just hasn’t been much room leftover for other people’s stories at the end of my day. I have been reading, but it has been in spurts and decidedly slower pacing than my usual book-in-a-day.

I am about to dive in to The Love Songs of W.E.B. Dubois, an epic 800-page book that finally made its way out of my hold queue at library after what feels like forever (thanks Oprah). I am excited for the read but definitely a little intimidated by the length which is not usually a thing that scares me off of books. Shall see how it goes.

I am making my way through a couple of other reads at the same time:

Breathe and Count Back From Ten by Natalia Sylvester.

Natalia Sylvester is one of my favorite contemporary authors (Chasing the Sun, Everyone Knows You Go Home). Her books are magical and I have enjoyed watching her translate her storytelling to YA which I will always have a soft spot for. Coming of age story, disability advocacy, Latinx character, family and lots of swimming… I can not wait to dive in.

Unsettled Land from Revolution to Republic, The Struggle for Texas by Sam W. Haynes.

Reading this a chapter or two at a time and it is fascinating. Highly suggest for anyone that wants more than the typical Alamo-version of Texas history. Lots of insight into all the folks that called Texas home before white settlers came into the picture. I’ve been reading chapters in the mornings which is making for some great convo at the breakfast table.

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