stocking the freezer

I have been in a vastly different rhythm with my kitchen this past year. To be honest, it is barely a rhythm and more of a whirlwind of cooking followed by weeks and weeks of sandwiches and quick meals. And then there will be another surge of energy for cooking all the things.

Well… I am in the middle of another surge of energy and am doing my best to at least do some solid stocking of the freezer in the process. Soup season usually means lots of broth, but my freezer can’t really spare the space sooooo I am diving into homemade bouillon which I can freeze into 1-2 oz portions. I used the recipe from The River Cottage Preserves book by Pam Corbin as a template for proportions, swapping out some veggies for things I had on hand. My mix: celery, yellow onion, scallions, turnips, parsley, cilantro, dehydrated tomato skins, garlic, carrots and a whole lot less salt.

It is supposed to be shelf stable, but I took lots of liberties with the recipe and am not 100% sure if I trust the preserving advice of a book that has oven canning optioned throughout. I am keeping the small jar in the fridge and the rest will head to the freezer for quickly dressing up some plain ol’ water into soup.

This stuff is pretty delicious and I already gave it a quick whirl in a kitchen-sink-soup. Delicious!

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