moving day (planner edition)

I have put off moving day for as long as I could, but I can wait no more. It is time.

I wasn’t excited about any of the new 2023 Hobonichi cover releases, so I am gonna scoot on back to my Sesame Street Sunny Days. It just makes me smile and I need that kind of sunshine leading my days. Will spend the greater part of the week transferring any critical info and plopping in some exciting milestones for the coming year!

I turn 48 which is only two years from my much-anticipated 50 milestone! The kiddo is presenting her research at TWO conferences as an undergraduate student and applying to grad school ! Grad school, yo! We’re launching some exciting new projects at work! And last but not least: 2023 marks 22 years since I met him and we started this wonderful whirlwind of a life that we have… together.

Onward, yo.

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