cooking and new ground

Cooking has always been my outlet during stressful times… a grounding practice that ended with edible, belly-filling goodies. But the past few years of cooking three meals a day (an adventure I used to take on once a year for a 30-day stretch) may have flicked a switch in my brain that makes the time a bit less detached from the meditation. Cooking and getting meals on the table are completely different undertakings, different skill sets even and it is completely okay to thoroughly enjoy the first and consider the second a chore. It is why there is an entire market for cookbooks focused on quick meals and “dinner made easy,” no?

Do I still love cooking? Absolutely.

Do I still get meals on the table? Of course.

Is the process the calming and meditative routine it used to be? Nope and that is totally okay… because I am finding that in other places right now. And I am coming to realize that it may have never been the cooking that grounded me, but the learning. And that prospect excites me even more.

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