may is for entomatadas

We are at the nexus of spring greens, potatoes, and the very first tomatoes of the season. Does that make it early summer or late spring? Whatever the actual season, this means entomatadas, which is just enchiladas with a quick tomate frito in place of a slow-simmered sauce with chiles and lots of other ingredients. Tomate frito, a staple in my house growing up, also makes for a great base for a fried egg or over a bowl of black beans.

Tomate Frito

  1. Purée one large tomato and about ¼ of a small onion together until there are no discernible chunks of onion.
  2. Heat about a tablespoon of oil in a small saucepan and then add the purée.
  3. Cook over medium heat, making sure to stir a bit, until the tomato has gone from its light pink color to a bright red; can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the heat of your stove.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.

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