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lunch-packing drawer

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A drawer for all my lunch-packing essentials is a real sanity saver once the school year kicks in. If you don’t have an entire drawer to spare, try finding a spot for a small basket or container that will corral everything and make yourself a little lunch-packing zone. I am a strong believer in having your insides match your outsides and this philosophy definitely carries over into my kitchen. Clearing out and re-prioritizing this space is one […]

summer rearranging

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After almost a full year in the house, it is time to do some rearranging in the kitchen. We’ve figured out where our paths bump in the mornings and I have a better sense of what that kitchen demands season to season. The coffee counter, canning supplies, pantry, and cutting boards are getting a shuffle and scrub in preparation for the busy summer season that is only a few weeks out.

summer brain

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summer brain |

We have about two weeks left of school, but are already lagging in the morning and losing our sense of time and place. Yup, our brains have switched to summer mode. Who wants to do anything “regular” with the temperatures that we’ve had anyway?! I am readying the house for round-the-clock eating habits; it’s a lot like spring cleaning but with 100º temps and a house full of bodies in mind. The freezer has been […]

dishwashing duty

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dish washing |

A second and third load of dishes in a day usually fills me with a sense of accomplishment – a clear indication of what the kitchen produced that day. Well, our dishwasher has been out of commission for ten days now and all I have on the mind is a running count of what we get dirty per meal cooked. Rice and Beans = knife, cutting board, measuring cup, pressure cooker, medium saucepan & lid, […]

365 days of photos (2013 edition)

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So, I’m gonna give a 365 day photo challenge another whirl. I made it through about Month 3 of 2012 before fizzling but this time I WILL succeed. This year’s theme is underfoot and there are bound to be some kitchen shots in there every once and a while. Citrus and socks on this chilly day seemed appropriate . 😉 Feel free to peek at my #365underfoot progress on Flickr or Twitter and you can take a […]