on not getting through sick days

so i REALLY need to come up with a better food plan for sick days. we ended up eating crap yesterday – drive thru burgers and fries. they were veggie burgers and canola oil fried potatoes so… it was veggie crap, but nonetheles crap. and crap? well its just not what my body needed or wanted when i was already feeling like crap.

i wanted warm broth with fresh peas and brown rice and basil. i wanted a gigantic ruby-red grapefruit. i needed all this food to magically appear before me because i was not up to the task of a grocery store trip and all the prepping and cooking involved to make it happen.

so, i am going to have to institute some food back-ups for days like yesterday.i’m hopeful that my grocery fairy will show her face soon and give me her cell phone number. that and some freezing may do the trick.

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