CSA – jan 20

Hi all. Just a quick post to let ya’ll know what I got this week. We were delighted to find so much fruit (citrus!!!) in our box and have been tearing through that and all the lettuce like there is no tomorrow. Here’s the complete low-down on our box:

Brussels Greens
Broccoli Florets
Green Garlic

All organic. All beautiful. Working out the details of the menu for the week to take full advantage of all we have. I’ll post a full menu plan by later tonight or the morn’.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

P.S. Any suggestions for brussel greens?


    1. aneelee

      brussel sprouts i have lots of recipes for. these darn greens are another story. they’re pretty thick and heavy – kinda like collards, which i am not a huge fan of.

      you’re food was all delish by the way. thanks! 🙂

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