new kitchen | settling in

I’m back and reporting from the largest kitchen that I’ve ever had. I don’t have everything in its proper place yet, but all things are out of boxes and nestled in their temporary homes. It will likely take me a month or two to get it all figured out right, but I’m already getting back into my normal kitchen groove. In honor of the fancy new digs, I’ll be pulling together some schmancy everyday meals. Keep a lookout for my #fordinnertonight tweets, CSA reports and next week’s menu.

I have a couple of projects that have been brewing over the past few months and now that we are on the tail end of this moving business, I will finally have some time to devote to them. So stay tuned and happy cooking in the meantime!

First thing unpacked: coffee and tea essentials

First thing made in kitchen: Black Beans and Rice, slow cooker and rice cooker

First thing baked in oven: Oat Bread, yesterday

First day of making breakfast, lunch and dinner: Sunday, three days after moving day

Favorite thing about new kitchen: counter space!

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

P.S. The new digs feel a bit indulgent. I may be cooking up some money-making schemes in the coming months as well. 😉

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