my first food swap

table 1 at 6/6 food swap

I finally got to attend my first swap and it was all that I expected and more. I spent most of Monday getting my swap items ready. I ended up making small batches of several of my household staples – horchata, salsa casera and black bean dip. I was a bit nervous that there wouldn’t be much interest in my stuff, but it done got swapped!

I absolutely loved the energy and inherent friendliness that carried into the evening and although a bit intimidated at first, loved the bartering process.

I came home with:

Cocoa roasted almond-butter
Oven dried tomatoes in oil
Beer bread from Trent
Anise Pizzelles from Kate B.
Bruscetta & Eggs from the lovely couple whose names I’ve forgotten
Anchovy-free tapenade


The eggs and salsa were devoted to huevos rancheros yesterday.  The tapenade and oven dried tomatoes were perfectly suited for the pizza dinner that I had planned for last night and the rest of the stash is slowly disappearing as the girl and I snack throughout the day.

Thanks to Megan and Kate for hosting this lovely get-together. I had such fun trading food and our bellies will be filled with yummy things for the rest of the week.


  1. Kathryn

    What a great picture of the swap! Mine all came out noisy. 😦 Rami and I have really enjoyed the horchata that you made, and I hope that you liked the salsa! And don’t worry about being nervous. This was swap number four for me, and still got the jitters when it was time to trade. 🙂

  2. Mary Helen

    Food swaps are such a neat idea. I ran a craft group back in the North-East and we threw yarn, craft supply, and even clothing swaps throughout the year. They were always a blast, but applying the idea to things you can EAT might just take the cake. Can’t wait to participate in one of these.

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