meal plan – september 19, 2011

The temperatures have dropped quite a bit in the past few days, which means that baking can get thrown back into the week’s plan. I made some lovely little Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins this morning that may be getting added into the regular muffin rotation this fall and I am hoping that I feel up to baking some sandwich bread.

Also feeling like I should start testing and getting ready for the food swap that is coming up next week and the Austin Bakes for Bastrop sale on October 1. Still working out the what of all that, but am happy to be spending some of my food energy on community and giving in the coming weeks.

The rest of the week (Dinner & Breakfast) is going to fall pretty firmly into the “easy” category to make sure that we actually eat meals at home while my brain is on food for others.


Enfrijoladas | Arroz Negro | Avocado Slices
Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Arugula, Walnuts & Ricotta
Spinach Quiche | Quinoa with Fresh Herbs | Leftover Tomato Soup
Falafels & Fresh Veggies in Pitas | Hummus
Green Lentils with Spinach | Hard-Cooked Eggs | Toast

Soyrizo, Black Bean & Potato Tacos
Yogurt with Pears and Cinnamon Granola
Banana & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Almond Milk Smoothies | Muffins
Summer Omelets | Homefries

Snacks & Other Stuff
Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins
Grilled Veggies
Roasted Salsa
Potato Bread
Chipotle Aioli
Cherry Barbecue Sauce
Zucchini Olive Oil Cake


  1. Meredith

    Are the lentils a Deborah Madison recipe? If so, I love those! I just made those this week- even though I don’t even bother to check the recipe anymore. Who knew lentils, eggs, and spinach with toast could be so delicious?

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