surface beauty

We’ve been looking forward to strawberry picking since we got our first taste of the hydroponic beauties at the Triangle Farmer’s Market in early January. The memory of those darned January berries had my mouth watering all morning so you can only imagine how disappointing it was to take a bite and feel my mouth pucker. Not good. The 8yo noticed right away, too. Really not good, seeing as how we had just made it home with a whole basket of ’em.

This batch of freshly picked berries (pretty, huh?) was in need of a monumental fix. I ventured onto the world-wide web to look for a simple recipe to help me tackle my first solo canning and found this Small Batch Strawberry-Vanilla Jam from Food in Jars. It took me a little longer than the 45 minutes that she boasted, but I think I finished in about an hour. Hooray for small-batch preserves! Hooray for sugar!

Well be working through our grapefruit stash for the rest of the break and will look forward to diving into the strawberry jam in the next couple of weeks. The memory of the pucker will have dissipated by then, right?

P.S. I ran out of light this evening so the pictures of my pretty little jars will have to wait for another day.

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