meal plan – may 29, 2012

We’ve had a bug lingering in this house for well over a week and I have grown tired of it. “Onward and upward,” I say. We have the last few days of school and the upcoming summer to focus on so I don’t have time for no stinkin’ bug anymore.

We’ve been eating really well and AT HOME for the past month or two and I don’t want us to lose sight of that as the busy gets taken up a notch for the next few days. Leftovers from this past weekend, as always, will be lifesavers.

Breakfast – Egg Sandwiches
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Kale & Quinoa Cakes | Lemony Green Beans with Almond Breadcrumbs | Lentil Salad | Grilled Summer Squash & Carrots

Breakfast – Smoothies | Bagels with Herbed Cream Cheese
Lunch – Black Bean, Rice & Avocado Tacos | Fruit | Horchata
Dinner – Leftovers

Breakfast – Yogurt | Granola | Peaches
Lunch – Hummus & Cuke Wraps
Dinner – Broccoli & Rice Stir Fry | Golden Tofu

Lunch – Spring Rolls | Spicy Peanut Noodles
Dinner – Summer Minestrone* | Kale Quiche

Yay for Leftovers!
Black Beans & Rice
Tortilla Soup
Grilled Corn

Other Stuff
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Smart Cookies
Vegetable Broth
Honeydew Popsicles
Zucchini Bread

* Field of Greens by Annie Somerville

The 8yo and I also have a day trip to Emma Long planned for tomorrow. I will spend the rest of the evening pulling together snacks, liquids and lunches that will keep us fueled and hydrated for our first full day out in the heat. We’re expecting the heat index to be in the high 90s. Wish us luck! I’ll try to get some pix later tonight and tomorrow of what a day’s worth of food on the go looks like for us.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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