austin-boston food swap goodies

I don’t get enough opportunities to send snail mail (bills and other un-fun excluded) so I was really glad that I had time to participate in the Austin-Boston Food Blogger swap (#atxbos) this year. Care packages and snail mail are a secret favorite and remind me of all those letters that I would exchange when I was in college with friends and family.

hot sauce

I received my package from Janet (@foodbeautyful) at the end of last week:

– Cupcakes in Jars from Wicked Good
– Chocolate Sauce from Sassy Sauces
– Pumpkin butter from Acorn Canning
Alex’s Ugly Sauce (habanero)
– Cranberry Sauce from the Berry Guys
– Maple Syrup from Williams Farm Sugar House
Taza Chocolate
– Box of Chocolates from Puopolo Candies
– Local Pumpkin
– Cook’s Illustrated

Have already worked through the chocolate & cupcakes and the bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce has been making its way to the table at meal time ever since it arrived last week. Thank you, Janet!

Be sure to check out her blog She was down in Austin not too long ago and I am hoping that the little package with Texas-flavored goodies match up to her expectations. A sneak peek here and a full run-down of the boxes contents after I get word that she’s received it. Would hate to spoil her surprise.

Thank you to the Austin Food Blogger Alliance as well! This was a blast and may well be worth making it a yearly activity. 🙂


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