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feliz dia mami

feliz dia mami | aneelee.wordpress.com

I recently realized that I had never really cooked with my mother (as in collaboratively). All things that were created in the kitchen were distinctly hers or mine. There were bigger and more elaborate meals that required splitting of duties, but again you could point to the parts that belonged to me and the ones that were hers.

Something really awesome happened when she was in town last month though. Together we figured out was off in the roasted salsa that I had been trying to replicate for years and together we created a vegetarian version of one of my favorite Yucatecan stews. We cooked together, truly complimenting each other’s efforts in the kitchen and concocted something that was ours.

— Besos, Mami and thank you for spending that time with me. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again. I’ve seen the fun-loving and playful side of you return and am forever in awe of your bravery. At 60, you’ve completely changed the trajectory of your life, defeated every stereotype that could be applied, and are filled with energy in a way that even I can’t keep up with. Can only hope to be just like you when I grow up.

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  1. Maria Marrufo

    Me conmovio tu mensaje y veo que tuvieron unos momentos muy especiales e inolvidables juntas, tienes por madre a una mujer excepcional y valiosa y sobre todo muy humana, les quiero mucho… tia Carmita

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