weekend links – july 26, 2013

I tried to order one last batch of tomatoes this week only to realize that tomato season (at least the part of it that allows you to buy large quantities) is now over. Sigh. It is August next week. Double sigh.

ATXSwappers browsing the merchandise - July 2013
ATXSwappers browsing the merchandise – July 2013

In slightly happier news…  we hosted this month’s ATXswappers at our office and discovered that pear season is starting! You can peek at what our week looked like via my Flickr stream.

If you are like me, the weekend is for meal planning and content ingestion. A few things to facilitate that process below.

Recipes I have my eye on
Dairy-Free Coconut Flan
Simple Lemon & Arugula Pasta
Grilled Potato & Arugula Salad
Cashew Nut Milk with Honey

Other news
From the makers of Twine comes a connected thermometer called Range
Lemonade for Food 2013!!
Paula Deen’s Cook Tells of Slights, Steeped in History

Have a great weekend!

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