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vegetarian meal plan – august 4, 2013

The real world (aka not summer break anymore) starts in 22 days. Plotting out the entire week as I am going to need all of what is left of the summer to get myself back on a schedule. Wish me luck!

vegetarian meal plan |

Breakfast – Huevos Rancheros
Lunch – Tacos, Grilled Corn & Vegetarian Frijoles Charros
Dinner – Summer Minestrone & Quiche

Breakfast – Yogurt, Granola & Fresh Fruit
Lunch – Summer Pasta Salad & Veggie Sandwiches
Dinner – Veggie Burgers & Crispy Okra

Breakfast – Two Potato Hash with Poached Eggs
Lunch – Cold Soba Coriander Bowl & Fresh Raw Veggies
Dinner at the Farmer’s Market

Breakfast – Multi-grain Waffles, Smoothies
Lunch – Noodles in Broth
Dinner – Black Beans & Rice with Sofrito

Breakfast – TBD based on this week’s CSA pickup
Lunch & Dinner – Leftovers

Snacks & Other Stuff
Banana Popsicles (inspired by these)
Carrot Muffins
Asian Vegetable Stock (for freezing)
Pizzas (for freezing)

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