giving my tummy a break

Ya, con los tacos! This is the basic sentiment around the house and my belly is not too far from. I am indulging, ironically enough, in juice and lots of raw veggies today. More so than the tacos, I think it’s the regimented 3 meals a day that is getting to me. I am a grazer and sitting down to eat two gigantor tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner is wreaking havoc on my tummy and energy levels.

I’ll do another mild (or two, or three) before the end of the month, but this body is taking a break this weekend.

no tacos today |

I am not a fan of thick and heavy green juices, but this one I can sip on all day. Closer to an agua fresca than a juice, the coconut water makes it refreshing. Add a splash of topo at the end if you like some fizz.

Pineapple Green Agua Fresca
8 oz pineapple juice
8 oz coconut water
2-3 ice cubes of frozen greens (i used chard for mine)

  1. Whirl it all together in a blender and drink!

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