a week of ingredients – november 3, 2013

I have not gotten as far as a meal plan, but I figured it might be useful to jot down the list that usually floats around in my head right before it all comes together. I try to think of my produce in order of “keep” time. Here’s what we have to work with this week and my first thoughts on how best to use it.

Mixed Lettuces – taco salads and in sandwiches
Cilantro – in salsa | in lentil salad
Arugula – homemade pizzas topped with the green goodness
Kale – quinoa, kale & tofu | apple & kale Juice
Green Beans – baked (crispy) as a side to some sandwiches
Red Pepper – roasted
Beets – roasted for lunch time veg portions
Fennel – roasted and pureed for tomato soup
Radishes – for snacking and in salads
Tomatoes – tomato soup
Butternut Squash – with coconut milk atop bed of rice
Sweet Potatoes (a mountain of ’em) – ???
Apples – in salads and juice
Pomegranate – for snacking and must dig up that grain salad recipe
Grapefruits – for breakfast

I’ll post a meal plan tomorrow morning with recipe links and (crossing fingers) entire meals that make sense of the stream of consciousness that is listed above.

What are you cooking with this week?

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