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taking a break

Big-picture planning is trumping day-to-day planning at the moment, so I am going to be taking it easy on the blog for the next few weeks. Not disappearing all together, so keep an eye peeled for occasional peeks at our kitchen and eats through photos and brief updates. You can still take a look at seasonal meal plans through the links in the right hand margin (scroll to bottom if you are on a mobile device). Happy cooking and eating!

taking a break | aneelee.wordpress.com

Above: my entry into this past weekend’s East Austin Salsa Shootout. Congrats to Matt Taylor of Swift’s Attic, who took home the winning prize!


  1. notesfrommaggiesfarm

    Honored to be a co-participant with you in the salsa shoutout, sister, and comforted that other bloggers take the time required by our sometimes attention-hogging life events to blog on the fly a bit. Go forth and conquer!

    1. aneelee

      bummed that i wasn’t able to make it out to try everyone’s salsa… but am definitely bringing mine to AFBA potluck. thanks for the spirited support. taking on the world right now!

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