working with beets

We are hitting that time of year where the beets keep rolling in and our cravings are edging towards cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers. Trying new (for me) things in an effort to keep the beet magic alive for a bit longer. Discovered a new favorite application in the process – pasta!  Pasta with Beets and Ricotta* has been officially added to our list of tricks for beet season. We keep roasted beets around during beet season for quick additions to salads and as a snacking veg for the 10yo’s lunches, so the simple step of throwing a few in the food processor with olive oil + walnuts and then tossing with pasta meant we got this bright beauty to the table very, very quickly.

beets in your pasta



I’ve also been testing different methods for beet chips. Too easy to burn in the oven. Too hard to nail down a consistent cook time in the microwave. Perhaps a dehydrator is what I am really looking for? Any suggestions would be awesome.


* from Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes by Martha Stewart 

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