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Late April in Texas looks like this:

Dandelion Greens
Mixed Salad Greens
Celery Root

Most of the list is regular stuff, but the dandelion greens and celery root have me scouring cookbooks and blogs for ideas. I made a great Dandelion Pumpkin Seed Pesto today that went over well at the table, but I have a whole other bunch to deal with it. What do you do with your dandelion greens?


It is celery root and I’ve never cooked with it before. I’ll throw it into a vegetable stock if I can’t come up with anything, but surely someone out there has done something more exciting than that with it. Any suggestions for me?

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vegetarian. mama. love to cook, read, knit, take pictures and make things. places where food, memory, and culture intersect are my favorite.


  1. Oh I love celery root! It’s amazing roasted, or fried in tempura, or boiled and mashed with potatoes and parsnips. Yum yum yum.

    • I tried it in risotto last week and it was so amazing and fragrant! Can’t wait to get my hands on more. Must try tempura. That sounds amazing now that I know the smell/taste.

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