weekend cooking FTW

Those Sunday and Saturday night cooking sessions to help me get a jump start on food for the week have become more and more critical with every year that passes. The stews that need long simmers, the bakes for snacks and sandwiches, and batches of grains/legumes make quick grab-n-go lunches a possibility and mean that a quick meal for all those in-between times are pretty easy to pull together.

I stocked us up with Potato-Chickpea Stew, honey-oat granola bars, bbq chickpeas, roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes, baked tofu, & brown rice this weekend. It may seem like a lot, but I broke the work into an oven night and a stove night. The fridge is happy and my hope is that this stash can help keep us away from eating out a bit more this week.


Be sure to check out this week’s meal plan for links to the cookbooks and recipes I am using.

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