the “to-try” list


The internet is filled with ideas and things to try and for years I would bookmark recipes or send myself links and then {Clouds part. Sun shines.} I realized that my note taking tool, Evernote, was the perfect archive. I’ll sometimes tag things by season, but for the most part, I just send the link on over and it does all my indexing work for me (article titles, content, ingredient lists, all of it). A couple of weeks later when I am at wits-end with my sweet potatoes and feeling too overwhelmed to sift through my cookbooks, I just type in “sweet potato” into my Evernote search bar and voila I have a nice list of options.

Some of the stuff that caught my eye this week:

African Curry with Cauliflower

Winter Vegetable Stir-Fry

Seven Spice Chickpea Stew with Tomato + Coconut

Miso-Creamed Kale

Heidi Swanson’s Mostly Olive Salad, with some Farro

Pav Bhaji Sliders

Once I’ve tried the recipes out, they either get sent to the YUM folder or deleted. Simple as that. There are a lot of really great recipe writers and cooks out on the interwebs, so my YUM folder has swelled into the hundreds!

This week’s meal plan is staying on the simple side – split pea soup and sandwiches, a taco night, a cauliflower curry, something with spaghetti squash, and a grain salad with greens and mushrooms most likely. You can peek at what I am up to via my Instagram feed.

Happy cooking!

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