happy january



Keeping meals nice and simple this week and mostly just working my way through the fridge stash ahead of our Saturday CSA pickup.

Smokehouse Chickpeas with Greens & Tomato Soup *
Potato & Kale Enchiladas
Soba Noodle Bowls
Quiche (with my new fave oatmeal & whole wheat crust)***
Quiche & Brussel Sprout Salad *
Sweet Potato Gnocci
Hummus Wraps

Rotating our usual suspects for breakfast and lunches will mostly consist of leftover or the quick preps from the list above. If anyone has recently fallen in love with a new cookbook with lots of breakfast recipes, please let me know. Looking for some inspiration!

Happy 2017, everyone!

* Salad Samurai
** Near & Far

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