what’s cooking – week 9


Not gonna jinx anything by declaring that I am back (at least not with an exclamation mark), but it does feel good to be getting back into a rhythm with the blog. Picked up a few things at the grocery store to get us through our next CSA pickup on Saturday.

Having our usual, but am experimenting a bit with almond flour and determined to get more non-egg breakfasts into our repertoire. Trying out some fun stuff over the weekend and stocking the fridge with portions of steel cut oats for quick meals and in-betweens.

Meals (Lunch/Dinner)
Brown rice and black beans on standby in the fridge pretty much every day to help fill in any gaps:

It seems insane, but it is time to start stocking the freezer with popsicles again. We’ll be snacking on

Banana-Walnut Bread*
Grapefruit Paletas
Mini-Cauliflower Quiches**

Enjoying the lull that this grey day has allowed. 
Baking bread.
Admiring her from my work perch.

* Whole Grain Baking
** The Heart of the Plate
*** Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

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