30athome – day12

Still cooking, but entering the mid-point of this challenge acutely aware of my weak point – a full (and filling) meal. You see, I am a serial snacker. On the whole I tend to eat lots of small somethings throughout the day: taco at breakfast, some fruit and yogurt mid-morning, a smunch (aka small lunch), some more small snacks, and then by the time it hits dinner a small dinner (which we have yet to coin a word for). The 14yo, who is stuck with me for the majority of the day operates in much of the same manner, but HE (who has a much more traditional 9-5 schedule away from the home) does not have that luxury. My dinners are leaving him hungry. 😦

This dilemma is nothing new, but eating exclusively at home is really highlighting how much I need to work on this. So this weekend I’ll be working up some hardy and belly-filling stews to have on hand and more complete meals with sides.

What have you noticed about your meals? Any bumps that need ironing out?


(P.S. Sauerkraut is coming along nicely but has at least a solid week left to go.)

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