#30athome done


Can I get a collective phew! for surviving January? I landed at 81 home-cooked meals for January which is pretty darned impressive especially if you consider that we ate at home almost exclusively over our December break eating at home almost exclusively.

Treated myself to a nice big bowl of sweet potato noodles  at Chi’Lantro to close out the challenge with a slightly better sense of what I’ve let slip through the cracks in the kitchen the past few months:

Have some tweaking to my meal planning strategies in mind that will hopefully help address my most frequent problem: what to do when that perfect storm of “not much time” and “no more oomph” come together at 6pm. Anyone else have this problem? My component-focused meal plans are fantastic at using up what I have on hand, but have felt too loose to help during desperate, hangry o’clock.

Meal plan for the coming week trailing with all this in mind. Can’t purport to fix it all, but I thankfully have lots of time this weekend to get a jump start in the kitchen.


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